eleventen no longer open for new business

eleventen is no longer looking for new business but continues to service existing clients.

Interactive case studies

We like to let our work speak for itself:



Online bulletin board for university students. Quick & easy to sign up and post an Ad. Contact advertisers by SMS or email.

Glass Manifesto
Glass Manifesto

A simple and elegant website letting the beautiful glass pieces speak for themselves.


This has it all - categorised products, case studies, photo galleries, testimonials and services. All related to each other for a highly integrated and usable website.


Vibrant and fun website for a vibrant and progressive brand.

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Business Presentations

BBCt London Media Gateway
BBCt London Media Gateway1

The London Media Gateway is an extremely fast network connecting London businesses. This sales presentation assisted in selling subscriptions to the service.

BBCt Colledia
BBCt Colledia

Sales presentation used by BBC Technology to help sell its broadcast production software.


A new voice over IP phone that controls all your boardroom equipment - this presentation demonstrated how it works.

VNU Network
VNU Network

Interactive presentation that was shown at a launch party and given away on USB drives, check out the unique menu system!

Animation & Flash Design


Animation idea for the homepage of the Easifleet website.

Form Fitness
Form Fitness

Personal training with a difference. Online graphing of your program and body measurements to keep you informed and motivated.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic2

Opening animation for a campaign micro-website. A direct mail campaign drove customers to the website to take up the offer.


Festive animation for the Holden website that linked in with their campaign media for that year.

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Email Campaigns

Ch10 - Big Brother
Ch10 - Big Brother1

Email used for an internal competition to promote the new series.

Witnness Live
Witnness Live2

Template design for a series of Guinness sponsored LIVE music events in Ireland.

Witnness Competition
Witnness Competition2

Dubbed the "blackmail email", it enticed readers to tell Guinness more about themselves to be in with the chance to win a stereo.

BBCt Xmas
BBCt Xmas1

Animated version of its traditional Christmas card.

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Yahoo! PACman
Yahoo! PACman1

Pacman-style game banner ad promoting Yahoo! Mail's 6MB email accounts.


Simple copy-based banners promoting the Eurotunnel service.

Baxter Travel
Baxter Travel

Simple and eye catching with a dreamy bright blue sky representative of travel.

British Telecom.
British Telecom.2

Simple and elegant copy based banners promoting BT's broadband service.


RACman sprites
RACman sprites1

Sprites created for an online game celebrating 100 years of the RAC.

World Cup Penalty Shootout
World Cup Penalty Shootout

"Your turn, my turn" email based Penalty shootout game created for the World Cup 2002.

Yahoo! PACman
Yahoo! PACman1

Pacman-style game banner ad promoting Yahoo! Mail's 6MB web based email accounts.

Blast iTV concepts
Blast iTV concepts1

Designs for an interactive TV game.


Bond Pepsi
Bond Pepsi2

Sold on value packs of Pepsi, this CD contained movie trailers and screengrabs of the up coming Bond movie.


Mix and match bricks, roof tiles, windows, doors, mortar and loads more until you find your perfect combination.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Shoppers Guides
Shoppers Guides

Touch Screen Kiosks installed in Rockingham City Shopping Centre with maps and directions to the centre shops and facilities.


Touch screen kiosks installed in showrooms for customers to mix and match bricks, roof tiles, windows, doors and loads more until they find their perfect combination.

Mobile Content

Jeffs Equipment
Jeffs Equipment

WAP version of the Jeffs website with photos and details of all their current stock.

Viral Campaigns

Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell2

Animated landing page for a viral campaign launching the new Splinter Cell game in the UK.

1 Denotes projects where eleventen founder James Mansfield worked with other agencies. Agencies worked with are noted in case details.

2 Denotes work done by eleventen founder James Mansfield during previous employment. Agencies worked for are noted in case details.