eleventen no longer open for new business

eleventen is no longer looking for new business but continues to service existing clients.

Content creation

Content will always be king

The reason a user browses your website, looks at your interactive CD, reads your email or clicks on your banner ad is to find something of relevance to them. Whether it is information, entertainment or a free gift, it is the content they have come for. Not the graphic design, the nice animation or the background music. While these all reflect on your brand they are not what users come for.

Users come for content. With this in mind eleventen offers a range of content services aimed at improving the content quality in your interactive project and therefore improving its appeal and value to your customers.

Our content creation services include:

  • Online copywriting – The way users read online is very different from traditional print material. Using relevant keywords in your copy, as well as appropriate page titling and HTML mark-up, will dramatically improve your search engine ranking. This is why it pays to get an online copy specialist.
  • Web editing – Keeping your website up-to-date can be a time consuming job, especially if you use proper HTML mark-up (PDFs are second on the list of “Top Ten mistakes in web design” [http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9605.html]). Eleventen offers once off and monthly web editing services. Send us your business news and we will edit and publish it to your website for you, even prepare and send out an email to your customers if you desire.
  • Online PR – Researching and pitching business news to relevant online publications and communities can help reach new customers and will dramatically improve your search engine ranking. Eleventen offers once off and monthly online PR services which covers researching and identifying relevant media.