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Interactive process

Flexibility and focus

Eleventen has a simple and flexible process which assists in the smooth running of interactive projects and encourages creative and effective solutions.

  1. Objectives – discussing and documenting the business objectives of the project, to retain clarity throughout the lifespan of the project and to measure its success by on completion of the project.
  2. Research – into the proposed market, existing media and target audience.
  3. Analysis – of existing media, both of your business and its competitors, and documenting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist.
  4. Conception – brainstorming of ideas, from interface concepts through to value added tools and visual themes that assist in differentiating your business and achieving your objectives.
  5. Architecture –developing wire-frame models of every template screen in your project. To illustrate interface ideas, document usability and to show the organisation and categorisation of content in the project.
  6. Design – designing the interface through which the project will achieve its objectives. From the graphical elements through the visual languages used to any animation or audio.
  7. Development – the coding of the interface, using worldwide coding standards and methodologies, to meet your present and future business needs.
  8. Promotion – of the project through interactive media including search engine promotion and online PR.
  9. Analysis – of the solution to assess its success in meeting its objectives. This is also a good time to document ideas and note future improvements that were discovered in the lifecycle.

Clients can take or leave steps in this process as they desire but a complete lifecycle of the process will provide a more effective solution.

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